I have been running my Bootcamp & Fitness Groups on Clapham Common for more than 6 years and I have seen the benefits of group training firsthand. Group training is not only a great way to get in shape, get stronger and fitter, but it also provides a sense of community and accountability.

I have found that my Fitness Groups are even more effective for some people who are spending their days working alone from home, or surrounded by walls either if they work at home or in the office. Working out in a group is always more fun than exercising on your own.

As a trainer, and based on the experiences of my clients, I advocate that exercising outdoors combines the benefits of a workout itself, with mental and physical health improvements with the additional benefits of being in nature.  A little fresh air is always good for all of us ☺️.

I will share with you 5 benefits of my fitness group classes based on the testimonials of my clients:


  • Increased Motivation, Accountability, Performance and Results:

When you’re working out with others, you’re more likely to push yourself harder, and you become more consistent with your weekly routine, which enables you to achieve your goals faster without realising it. 

Federico*, says «I attended my first class with Jorge after being advised to try one out.  Once I got there I started chatting with some of the attendees, and someone told me “trust me, you’ll want to come back”.  He was very right.  I was hooked and I kept going back. The training classes are run in a group, which is motivating and if, like me, you are someone who trains mostly alone, it offers a nice change and makes you train even harder.» 

Patricia* says, “ I managed to reach my fitness goals, almost without realising it, thanks to the classes being very dynamic, within a super fun group, and with great music, making the time fly by, as I was training and getting closer and closer to my goal!  That is why you are always looking forward to the next class”.

Aurelie* says, “ I’ve used various trainers over the years and Jorge is the one that’s helped me get the best results.  I feel stronger physically and mentally as a result”.

  • Fun: 

One of the best things about group training is that it’s just plain fun!  Whether you’re laughing with the people you meet or pushing each other to do your best, working out in a group is a blast. 

Cheryl*, says «Jorge is like the Joe Wicks of Clapham Common.  Fun, motivating and hard working.  He makes us work hard but we are always still smiling.  Importantly he gets results too.  I feel stronger in my body and mind which feels good as well as the extra benefit of being more toned and physically fitter

Bernice* says, “his bootcamps are a really good mix of cardio, strength and boxing which gives a full body workout.  Above all he has a great personality and makes each session fun as well as pushing every one of us”.

  • Safely Workout:

Another benefit of my fitness sessions is that all my clients workout safely.  Even if they have an existing injury, thanks to my experience and knowledge in injury prevention, I can ensure that my clients who are lightly injured or have been injured in the past, can workout safely and I can adapt the exercises for them specifically if that’s required.

Fernanda* says “Super careful with injuries (knee and back), he ensures that my technique is always correct to avoid any further injuries. Very knowledgeable on what he does, always challenging the clients to do more and get fit and very dynamic.  He always changes the routine around making the sessions super fun!”.

Niels* says “Really good experience.  Nice group.  I’m recovering from a stroke, so difficulty levels are adapted to my personal needs.  However, I’m always completely exhausted after each session”.

  • Exercise Variety:

When you train alone, it’s easy to fall into a rut and do the same workouts over and over again even though this can also be effective.  But when you train in a group, you can be exposed to a wider range of exercises and challenges.

Kavita*, says » I’ve been training with Jorge for about 4 years in bootcamp style classes.  The sessions are intense but fun, varied and a complete full body workout each time.«

Dawn* says, “His classes are always varied and although they are challenging, he ensures that they are a lot of fun, and you feel a real sense of achievement at the end. They are also the perfect balance between strength training/cardio and I feel so much fitter and stronger as a result”.

  • Cost Effective:

Group training can be  more affordable than one-on-one personal training for most people, making it a great option for those on a budget.

Karina*, says » I love how he is able to push you whilst also adapting the exercises to ensure everyone could stay at the same place.  Lots of fun, and great value for money given the equipment he brings to the session«.

As you can see, the benefits of group training outdoors are numerous and far-reaching.  Whether you’re looking to improve your fitness, meet new people, or simply have a great time while you’re getting a great workout, I invite you to join one of my Fitness Groups on Clapham Common and give it a try. 


My passion is seeing how people progress in their fitness journeys. So, if you want to be one of my warriors “this is how my clients refer to themselves” join us. You will love it!