Transform Your Fitness with a Tailored 12-Week Online Personal Training Program

Embarking on a fitness journey requires dedication, guidance, and a structured plan. Our 12-week online personal training program offers a holistic approach, tailored to your individual needs and fitness goals. Whether you aim to lose weight, gain muscle, or enhance overall fitness, this program is designed to deliver results.

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12-Week Bodyweight Training Programme to Improve General Strength:

Week 1-3: Adaptation and Foundations

Warm-up (10 minutes):

• Joint mobility: neck, shoulders, back hips and ankles mobility.

• Light cardio with

dynamic stretching.

Strength Session (50 minutes):

1. Push: TRX Chest Press.

2. Pull: Inverted Rows (horizontal bar, chair or TRX).

3. Legs: Basic Squats.

4. Shoulder Push: Pike Push-ups (chair).

5. Legs: Lunges.

Intensity Progression:

• Increase repetitions by 10% each week.

• Add more challenging variations (e.g., one-leg lunges).

Week 4-6: Progressive Strengthening

Warm-up (10 minutes):

• Dynamic mobility and stretching exercises.

• light cardio exercises 

Strength Session (50 minutes):

1. Push: T Push-ups (TRX).

2. Pull: Pull-ups (if possible, use bands for assistance behind TRX).

3. Legs: Sumo Squats.

4. Shoulder Push: Decline Push-ups (chair).

5. Legs: Step-ups on a chair.

Intensity Progression:

• Increase resistance with resistance bands.

• Add seconds to isometrics (e.g., low push-up position).

Week 7-9: Intermediate Challenge

Warm-up (10 minutes):

• Dynamic mobility and stretching exercises.

• light cardio exercises and explosive strength movements at the end.

Strength Session (50 minutes):

1. Push: One-legged Elevated Push-ups (chair).

2. Pull: Chin-ups (use bands for assistance if needed in the TRX).

3. Legs: Assisted Pistol Squats (chair).

4. Shoulder Push: One-legged Pike Push-ups (chair).

5. Legs: Glute Bridges with resistance band.

Intensity Progression:

• Increase resistance with TRX.

• Add dynamic variations (e.g., explosiveness in squats).

Week 10-12: Advanced Level

Warm-up (10 minutes):

• Dynamic mobility and stretching exercises.

• light cardio exercises and explosive strength movements at the end.

• compensatory exercises to reduce injuries 

Strength Session (50 minutes):

1. Push: TRX Plank Push-ups.

2. Pull: Muscle-ups (or a more challenging pull-up variation).

3. Legs: Pistol Squats.

4. Shoulder Push: Pike Push-ups with Shoulder Touch.

5. Legs: Jumping Lunges.

Intensity Progression:

• Reduce rest time between exercises.

• Increase resistance in leg exercises.

Remember to tailor the program to each client’s individual capabilities and encourage proper technique to prevent injuries. This is just an example of a general training program.

Understanding the Cost of a 12-Week Personal Training Program

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